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The New Age gods: A video was released in January 2016 by the The Pope's Worldwide Prayer Network. The contents of the video are shocking. It would seem that for Pope Francis, the idea of interfaith has become an obsession at any cost.

His idea that Buddha, Allah and Jesus Christ are different paths to the same God is unbelievable. Notice also the unusual absence of the cross as the symbol to represent Christianity.





Eden to Noah: This is a dramatic collection of documentaries which explore some of the great ancient mysteries of the past in regards to the time before Noah. Its not just controversy over the existence of giants that rages across forums and chartrooms. Could dinosaurs really have existed alongside mankind?


Black Nobility Terror: The Black Nobility is the term used to describe a family dynasty that predates even the Illuminati, the Jesuits and other secret orders that many conspiracy writers make reference to. They came to prominence in Venice around the 9th century and became known for their use of dirty tactics to accomplish what they wanted.


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The Temple Institute in Jerusalem has initiated the second stage towards building the Temple: compiling a list of Jewish priests.
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A flaw in Artificial Intelligence technology was exposed when Microsoft was forced to apologize about it's twitter chat robot, Tay.
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In April, part of the Temple of Baal that stood in Palmyra, Syria will be reconstructed in Times Square in New York City and in Trafalgar Square in London. Why?
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From The Shadows: The Masonic Agenda
The Post-Human 2045 Agenda
The New World Order Agenda
Architecture of the One World Government (2770+ Organizations)


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