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The Legacy of the Vision Report Watch

Some of you may not be aware that in October 2009 we launched a monthly publication called the Vision Report Watch, a publication that was designed to bring members the latest developments which are leading the world to the formation of a one world government. If you are reading this it is likely you may have previously received some of these editions in the past. If not, don't worry as you will see later.

Unlike the typical bible prophecy newsletters that you may see on other websites, the Vision Report Watch was designed not to be the boring stereotypical Christian view on the end times, but rather something that was more controversial, provocative and insightful.

It was our objective to smash open the door of deception on the end times and reveal the sinister agenda being rolled out by an elite group of powerful family dynasties that have no regard for you or me.

Over a 3 year period we have covered a vast array of subjects such as 8 of the most evil people to have ever lived, the big cover up regarding cancer in the pharmaceutical industry, the massive influence of freemasonry within the music and entertainment industry, the security controversy in the run up to the London Olympic games in 2012, the unbelievable belief system of Scientology, the historical link between the Knights Templar's and the Scottish rite of freemasonry and so much more.

26 Editions Later, Why Did It Finally End?

In August 2012 it was time for the Vision Report Watch to come to an end mainly because all our efforts were now focused on the issuing of the "sister publication", the weekly Global Watch Weekly which you receive most weeks during the course of the year. The events of today are happening so fast that it was essential that we gave you insights on a more regular basis than just once per month and so the Vision Report came to an end.

Finally We Just Had To Come Up With What You Demanded

So the bottom line is that we have managed to put together a limited new product which gives you access to every single Vision Report Watch that was issued from October 2009 until August 2012.

This package contains all 26 editions so that you no longer have to worry about missing out on all the editions that were issued before you became a member. It contains every single edition release including even the following 4 which were rated by many of our members as 4 of the best editions to be released.

A Vision Report Watch Preview of Edition 4

Why is the American and scientific entrepreneur, Dr Craig Venter, one of the men who led the effort to sequence the human genome one of the most dangerous men when it comes to generic engineering? (Addressed on Page 6)

Why is Mary Shelly's Frankenstein so important in understanding the dangers and consequences of man playing God? (Addressed on Page 7))
What is the modern understanding of Revelation 6:8 and its implications regarding modern day science? (Addressed on Page 11)
A massive interview with Katherine Albrecht Head of Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN), which counts over 15,000 members across 30 countries! (Addressed on Page 14)
What is it about central London UK's  surveillance network, that more than 6,000 officials from 30 countries, have come to learn lessons from the operation?  (Addressed on Page 23)

A Vision Report Watch Preview of Edition 6

What was the controversy that involved Rema Marketing and another bible prophecy ministry regarding a debate that was supposed to have taken place? (Addressed on Page 4)

A response from Dr Robin Ruiter on the question of how the Antichrist will emerge onto the world scene! (Addressed on Page 16)
Why is the Merovingian Bloodline one of the most important bloodlines when discussing the bloodlines of the illuminati? Addressed on Page 22)
Which Author is a giant in the study of the First Earth Age, Lucifer's Original and now vanquished Kingdom of Atlantis, the truth behind Eden: Adam, Eve, and the Serpent, Seth, and the Cainite lineage, as well as the Satanic "Secret Societies" which spawned as a result, the Mark of Cain, the so-called Holy Grail, King Arthur, Celtic Druidism, Ancient to Modern Witchcraft, Black Magick, Sacred Geometry, UFO's, Demon Contact, Rare Magical Texts/Grimoires, Lost Knowledge of Vanquished Civilizations, Egyptian Antiquities, the Knights Templar Manuscripts, British Freemasonry, America as the New Atlantis, the New World Order, Anglo-Zionism, Rhodes' Round Table and so much more......

A Vision Report Watch Preview of Edition 14

The most comprehensive insight ever released on the history of the Bavarian Illuminati including its links to the modern day Bilderberger Group! (Addressed on Page 4)

In what way is the Bavarian Illuminati directly tied to Buckingham Palace and the British Monarchy? (Addressed on Page 18)
The Tapestry of the New World Order uncovers the unfolding of the New World order over the last 300 years and the key moments in history! (Addressed on Page 21)
Who is Karl Landgraf von Hessenkassel and what was his role in the Bavarian Illuminati? (Addressed on Page 11)
What are the present day building blocks of the Illuminati and what is their role in the progression of a one world government? (Addressed on Page 35)

A Vision Report Watch Preview of Edition 18

Is there a link between the Egyptian mythological account of Osis, Isis and Horus and the biblical account of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ? What is the biblical defense against this attack on a fundamental of the Christian faith? (Addressed on Page 4)

Why does David Icke claim that Jesus Christ was actually a mythological person rather than historical fact yet himself in 1991 claimed to be a vessel for the Christ Spirit? Does  his view that Christianity was born out of paganism hold merit? (Addressed on Page 25)
Should Christians celebrate Christmas? What is the essence of this debate and what are the arguments for and against? (Addressed on Page 21)
What impact did Constantine have on the development of Christianity? Should Constantine really be referred to as an Early Church Father?  (Addressed on Page 17)

This is Your Choice!

There is no beating around the bush or hard sell with this package. This is by any standard the most complete compilation of end time and global conspiracy research reports bar none. Forget the typical predictable content you find on the vast majority of bible prophecy websites. Instead these reports are original, provocative, controversial, stimulating and great research material for those who are studying these topics or teaching on these topics.

Grab the complete library of 26 Vision Report Watch editions

Now you longer need to feel you have missed out whenever we make reference to the Vision Report Watch.

This package will bring you completely up to date and keep you on edge for weeks and weeks as you start to piece together the events which are happening and taking us close to the fulfilment of the prophesied coming New World order. Take your first step and be one of the 2% of the population who are seeking the alternative truth and not just happy to be continually fed the junk media diet of what mainstream science tells you.

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Grab the complete library of 26 Vision Report Watch editions

Yours Sincerely

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